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What does your team think about testability?

30 days of Testability, day twenty

It’s like a podcast but different

Today’s challenge:

Think about what’s currently stopping you from achieving higher testability. Share your findings on The Club.

I met up with my old podcast partner, Dan Barrow, to talk about this.

I expected us to go off topic, and we did. I’m not even sure we answered the question. It was an interesting chat anyway! Check it out:

Engineers, not developers

I think it’s really interesting what Dan says about hiring engineers, not developers. It’s not enough just to write code. To build great software, there are lots of other aspects that need to be considered.

Testability is one of these considerations. It’s hard to build testability in after the fact, so, engineering teams need to consider it early on. If a project is started with concepts like observability, controllability and decomposability in mind, it’s going to save a lot of pain later.


Thanks Dan for joining me for this one! You can follow dan at @danielbarrownz

Thanks everyone for reading, I have a small backlog of these to post now, so stay tuned!