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Talking about tweets about testability

30 days of Testability, day ten

Talking about tweets

Today’s challenge is:

Follow and share three people on LinkedIn/Twitter who regularly talk about testability

I caught up with Amrith Shetty to tackle this. We each picked three tweets or club posts we found interesting, and chat about what we learned.

Take a look / listen!

Here are all the tweeters and tweets we talked about! Rob Meaney’s Twitter: @RobMeaney João Farias’ Twitter: @JFThatsABug And the relevant threads on The Club and Twitter

Ash Winter’s Twitter: @northern_tester And a blog post on Getting Buy-in for Testability

I don’t think Ola Sundin is on Twitter, but, here’s their comment on the Club about testability

Dan Ashby’s Twitter: @DanAshby04 And the relevant conversation about testability knowledge gaps

James Bach’s Twitter: @jamesmarcusbach And the Heuristics of Software Testability model

Elizabeth Zagroba’s Twitter: @ezagroba And her blog post, If a Test Falls in the Forest

And last but not least, Amrith’s Twitter is @amrith15, and Testing Times @testingtimesau

Whew, that’s a lot! So check out those blogs and articles, and give some of those folks a follow! Cheers!