James Espie, Test Specialist

Monitoring with Prometheus

30 days of Testability, day five


Today’s challenge is:

What monitoring system is used for your application? Do the alerts it has configured reflect what you test?

Well, the short answer is, we use Prometheus and Grafana for monitoring, and well, we have some pretty good alerting.

But let’s talk more about Prometheus.


Here’s one thing I find challenging: when you join a company and they already have great tooling in place. It’s challenging, because you miss out on a lot of the how and why those tools were implemented in the first place.

So, I thought it might be a good idea to go back to basics, and learn how Prometheus actually works.

I partnered up with my friend Ben to go over the basics of Prometheus - check it out!

Thanks and feedback

Ben’s a tweeter, so go say hi. Thanks Ben!

Also, I’m still learning how to do ‘video’ well, so any feedback / suggestions are welcome. Is the ukelele useful or distracting?