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What is Testability?

30 days of Testability, day one

30 Days of Testability

The Ministry of Testing Auckland meetup group are doing the 30 Days of Testability challenge together as a group.

These 30 days challenges are great fun, and a great way to learn new things, so I’m pretty keen to take part!

It’s going to take more than thirty days - they’ve set a goal of three a week, so as not to burn out - but I’m going to post each days challenge here.

It’s not too late to join in, if you want to take part too! Join the MoT Auckland slack group if you haven’t already!

I cheated

I also had the distinct pleasure of hosting TestBash Home on Friday (day one of the challenge).

TestBash Home was awesome by the way - if you didn’t take part, well, you missed out. I hope we do it again, and if we do, be sure to take part!

Anyway, I took advantage of my position as host to crowdsource some answers for day one.

Check out the discussion on the club!

The video

I’m going to try and create video content for as many of the days as I can. Is that a good idea? I don’t know. Will I be any good at it? Also don’t know.

But in any case, here it is.

So there you go!

Testability is the ability to test something, in context. Or more specifically - The ability to access, observe and control an area of the application that has been changed, and any related areas, so the change can be tested.

Thanks to everyone that helped me with the answers! Specifically Richard, Maik, Paul, Benjamin, Angel, Shabbir, Alon, Louise, Katherine, Santiago, Mike and Roman.

And finally, here’s the link to RST’s Heuristics of Software Testability.